We are Amy and Jackey.

Thanks so much for visiting our website. Our aim is to inspire you to cook simple,quick and healthy recipes that will help you to feel great.

We love to create both classic and new recipes. The recipes we shared are tried, tested and actually work. Taste great too!

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Amy and Jacky

Our goal is to offer straightforward, simple-to-follow recipes that are wholesome and actually taste good.

Hi ! I am Amy

I’m Amy, a foodie, a traveller and a writer. I love writing and exploring the world. The thing I am most passionate about in life is helping others to live healthier and happier lives.

Each recipe is tried and true, family-tested and approved.

Hi ! I am Jacky

When I started to try to create healthy meals, I didn’t even know how to cook an egg properly. But once I got going, there was no stopping me. It’s amazing how much you can learn when it comes to cooking techniques and understanding flavours.

I think people who say they can’t cook just don’t understand that cooking is something you can enjoy and learn to do. And if I can learn to cook – anybody can do it.

Ever since I learned to cook healthy food and realized what a masssive differance fuelling myself with fresh, home-cooked food made to my energy levels and mood, I’ve wanted to get as many people as possible cooking.

I also developed a love for food photography along the process and learned how to make regular meals appear as nice as they taste.